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Are You Properly Insured

Are you living in Asia as a Westerner? Do you find it hard to understand the customs and rules and regulations? Living in any foreign country has its difficulties, just to be understood and to find your way about can be a nightmare at first. The last thing that is on your mind is if you have sufficient insurance cover.

But if you were back home, this type of thinking would be second nature and in some cases compulsory by law. So why is it when you begin to start living in a foreign country this thought process goes out of the window?

If anything your insurance needs have actually gone up, and the cover and state benefits you were entitled to back home, simply don’t exist in Thailand.

Insurances Needed In Thailand

Cargo Insurance

An essential element for exporters and international businesses, cargo insurance covers loss of damage to shipment during sea, air, land, rail or post

Travel Accident Insurance

Nothing is better for your group travel than our group accident travel insurance with medical expenses and accident cover for everyone. Whether it is your corporate…

Engineering Insurance

Highly recommended for construction project owners or contractors, especially for building or plant construction or civil works. Insurance covers project…

Personal accident and health insurance

The insurance provides medical and accident cover as an in-patient of a hospital, cover includes: Room, food and general service fees, Hospital service fee…

Industrial All Risks Insurance

Cover includes damage to or loss of insured property from accidents or forces of nature such as fire,theft, submersion in water, or any other accidents not…

Residential Property Insurance

This custom property insurance is designed to cover residential buildings such as a house, town house, condo unit as well as personal property. Cover includes…

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive Motor Insurance we offers you high quality services from accident scene to garage. Our Quick Repair Service makes claiming easy for you.

Third Party Liability Insurance for businesses

Cover includes compensation for accidental death and damage to property of third party which occur in commercial property such as shops, resorts…


BAIL BOND INSURANCE This Insurance provides bail-value guarantee when insured is a suspect or defendant or in criminally charged.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance policies have been developed to cover virtually any risk that an individual or a family could possibly face.

Business Insurance

Business insurance policies have been developed to cover virtually any risk that a business could possibly face.